I'm Louis Currie a Digital Product Designer living in Berlin. I've worked on a large variety of projects such as Music Streaming or Augmented Reality. At the moment I am working with IDAGIO and Edenspiekermann.

I design for users. Metrics and prototyping drive my process. I build digital products that are simple to use, with a touch of fun for them to stand out. I get inspired by timeless brands and by products with a world built around them.

In my free time I travel with my camera 📷, cycle the streets of Berlin 🚴, or play the saxophone 🎷.

Experience 🤓

I studied journalism in France before switching to Visual Communication at the Berlin University of Arts in 2008. Ever since I've been working on digital products to become specialised in Digital Product Design. Clients include Babbel, Splash, IDAGIO, Clue, Zalando, Monoqi, GetYourGuide, Wimdu, Unlike...

Learning 🚧

I'm always into learning new skills, at the moment I'm experimenting with Framer JS, Xcode and Swift. I'm also very interested in product psychology, understanding behaviours and habits is essential to build a great product. I love making illustrations and try to sneak them in to projects any time I can.

Instagram eye Candy 👀

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